✨ Witches Be Witchin' 2024 ✨ Saturday, October 19th ✨ 12:00-6:00PM ✨


Tarot Readings

Book a private reading at Moonlit Mystic's Magic Realm. Readings with the Moonlit Mystic are; ✨$33 for 15 minutes ✨$50 for 25 minutes ✨$100 for an hour Email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule your reading!

Psychic Readings

Book a private session with Psychic Medium Rikki McDonald at Moonlit Mystic's Magic Realm! ✨Rates start at $40 for 15 minutes Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to book a private session!

Two Eves Eden Reiki

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art that channels universal life force energy to create a space for deep relaxation and profound spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Book a private session at our Magic Realm and receive the beautiful benefits of this incredible energy healing modality. ✨Rates: $20-80 Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule a session!

Private Cord Cutting Ritual

This ritual is designed to help you sever unhealthy energetic ties that may be draining your energy or hindering your progress. These cords can be attached to people, places, or even past situations. By releasing them, you create space for positive growth and move forward with renewed clarity. The ceremony will include a private tarot reading for guidance. ✨$100 Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule a private ceremony.

Private Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Soul retrieval is a ceremony practiced in various traditions that aims to bring back fragmented pieces of a person's soul believed to have been lost due to trauma, illness, or other challenging experiences. ✨$100 Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule a private soul retrieval ceremony.

Private Crystal Aura Cleansing

A private crystal aura cleansing is a personalized session for clearing and rebalancing your energy field using crystals. Based on your needs and intentions, we will select specific crystals known for their cleansing and protective properties. ✨$55 Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule a private aura cleansing session.

Generational Healing Ceremony

A private generational healing ceremony is a ritual designed to address and potentially heal unresolved issues or patterns that may be carried down through your family lineage. These patterns can manifest as emotional blocks, recurring negative experiences, or even physical ailments believed to be influenced by ancestral history. ✨$180 You may include up to 5 family members. Please email moonlitmysticshop@gmail.com to schedule a generational healing ceremony.